Girls’ Night Out in Denver

The Loopr mobile lounge offers lots of different experiences along its central and downtown Denver route. The bus takes you on a loop bringing you to the heart of the city and through some of the hippest neighborhoods in the mile high. Whether for a birthday, bachelorette party, or a girl’s night out, the route offers the perfect mobile lounge so you can elevate while on your way to a multitude of fun activities, and hop on and off the bus as your night requires. From pampering yourself or enjoying the local arts to trying delicious local cuisine, there’s plenty of perks to using the Loopr lounge as the starting point for a night out on the town.

Coming aboard the Loopr lounge, you are transported to this luxe vision come-to-life of cannabis-infused elegance not common on the Colorado scene. This exciting adventure into the world of weed takes you to a number of dispensary stops where you can shop for a variety of items from flower to edibles to concentrates and topicals, all you’re welcome to enjoy inside the mobile Loopr lounge. Each stop offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and shops to peruse. Talk with experienced staff about your cannabis dosage and even get instructions on how to roll your own joint with the Loopr crew.

If you’re looking for a fresh blowout before you’re night on the town, hop on the Loopr bus and enjoy a joint on your way over to Fluff Bar which is just a few stores down from our 15th & Wazee stop. Also, at this location, pop into our dispensary stop Rocky Mountain High Wazee for a discount on some THC treats with the mention of the Loopr bus. Right next door to the dispensary is the Deep Roots Winery & Bistro, a fantastic spot for enjoying a glass of local vino or some delightful bistro style snacks. Make sure you check out the dessert menu too!

If you and your crew are looking to relax a little more in between your Loopr laps, check out the Woodhouse Day Spa or the Jalan Facial Spa for an indulgence into extreme pleasure. Both of these luxurious spas are less than a ten minute walk from our 7/11 stop on 17th and Pearl Street in the bustling Uptown neighborhood.

And if you’re looking to get rowdy after the lights turn up in the city, make sure you check out Shag Lounge, just off of the Denver Pavilions stop. This bar is always hopping and has a fun, retro vibe. The open atmosphere and patio leads to a unique locals crowd and late nights there usually include a local DJ and the whole bar turning into a big party.There’s also a late night coffee shop next door with snacks and couch space if you’re looking to chill. There are tons of cool spots for food and drinks along the Loopr route. The Larimer Square stop is perfect for checking out the hottest restaurants and bars downtown like Rioja, Ocean Prime, and Osteria Marco.

Bottle service and house music more your scene? Stay on for a few stops more to Ballpark Holistic Dispensary where you can pick up any last minute canna-essentials and then a quick jaunt over to one of the hottest spots in Denver nightlife, Beta Nightclub. The area is full of the hottest nightclubs in Denver so get ready to dance the night away at spots like Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox and enjoy an amazing night with the Loopr!

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