Too Much Too Fast

Every day, more and more fans of cannabis are traveling to legal-use states to enjoy a more comfortable interaction with this still somewhat taboo substance. The culture around cannabis is a thrilling experience and if you’ve never been inside of a dispensary, arriving in Denver is exhilarating.

From the get-go, planning your 420 friendly experience can be daunting but don’t let the experience become overwhelming. There are plenty of resources for putting together your perfect cannabis adventure. Check out the Loopr calendar for fun things to do while smoking weed in Denver. If it’s your first time getting elevated in the Mile High, remember you’re usually around 5,280 feet ABOVE sea level. This means even if you go hard when you’re at home, make sure to go slow when consuming your cannabis flower, concentrates, or edibles.

Being at elevation means thinner air and lower oxygen content in your blood. This can make it difficult to catch a good breath when blazing up. It also makes it easier to overdo it if you just got in to town. Effects of overindulgence at high altitudes can include a shortness of breath, dizziness, and dehydration. However, these effects by themselves aren’t fatal and can usually be brought under control in a minimal amount of time.

Staying hydrated is vital to having a good experience so make sure you’re sipping on plenty of H2O. Weed processes differently in your system than in alcohol especially when it comes to edibles. Eating food will actually help assimilate the cannabinoids into your system quicker when they have to be absorbed via your stomach and liver, so make sure you don’t skip out on the munchies when you’re enjoying your green. Edibles normally take around 45 minutes to sometimes a couple of hours to have an effect, and having food in your system will usually facilitate a better edibles experience.

Have a good time, try a little bit of everything, but don’t overdo it. The world of weed has a an array of exciting options, but when you get caught in that “too high” feeling, it’s flat out uncomfortable. Your friends at Loopr want you to have a fun and memorable cannabis experience, so please let us know if you need dosing advice while aboard the bus. We are here to help educate while we show people enjoying cannabis is easy, safe, and fun!

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