Layover in Denver?

Layover in Denver? Check out this Legal Cannabis Lounge

Visit Denver’s only legal cannabis lounge while on your next layover out west. Loopr Cannabis Tours and Social Lounge offers a luxurious, comfortable, and convenient way to catch a buzz while waiting on your flight. With multiple stops around the city, this mobile vape, dab and smoke lounge has plenty of opportunities to hop on and have a smoke while perusing about the central and downtown Denver area.

Upon your arrival at the Denver airport, you can hop in an Uber or use the local LightRail system to catch an easy ride into the city. Taking the A Train all the way to Union Station will allow you to easily meet up with the Loopr bus. Rocky Mountain High dispensary at 15th & Wazee is just a few blocks away and our closest stop to Union Station LightRail stop. Check out the @RideLoopr app on your smartphone where you can see the bus on it’s route in real time. We offer a 3-hour pass for $29, the perfect amount of time to get your buzz flowing, get some munchies going, and you can see as much of the city as you have time for.

While taking a lap on the Loopr, you’ll have access to grinders, rolling trays, water pipes, enails and rigs for consuming concentrates, bathrooms, snacks, drinks, tourism advice and more. Loopr creates a fun ambiance with relaxing music and luxe seating that is often a welcome refuge for tired travelers. Head into one of our great recreational cannabis shops along the way to fully experience cannabis culture. We work with multiple dispensary partners focused on providing quality flower, edibles, and concentrates. Knowledgeable budtenders on staff as well as our Cannabis Lounge hosts are happy to help provide an educational marijuana experience and answer any questions you may have. Pick up a few joints, a low dose edible or two, maybe even a vape pen to try and you can head back to the spaciousness of the Loopr bus to enjoy your Colorado goodies safely and legally

Almost all of the stops on the route have “Loopr” deals, discounts on food, drinks, cannabis products, and more. We even spend a little time at 7/11 if you’re in need of snacks on the go. Stock up on convenience store treats and finish out your Loopr route in 1.5 to 2 hours before winding up back at Union Station.

If you’re ready to head back sooner to Denver Airport, there are multiple LightRail stations around the city, or you can hop in a Lyft almost anywhere in the Denver area and head to your destination. Feel free to check with one of our onboard Cannabis Lounge Hosts if you need help getting to your final stop. Check out the @RideLoopr app and calendar for fun stuff to do next time you’re in the mile high. Loopr offers lots of fun MJ-focused events like bud crawls, grow tours, private rentals, and more. Make sure you join us on Colorado’s only legal cannabis lounge the Loopr for a highlight on your next 420-friendly travel experience.

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