5 steps to rolling the perfect joint

  1. Select the perfect paper: the paper always select the 4 inch papers. Whether they are bleached or natural, firstly I make a mountain fold along the lower ¼ inch to form a crease to pack my weed into. Larger crease, larger joint!
  2. The Crutch: After making a nice crease I create a crutch from the provided tabs or any thick paper available. The crutch is not a filter, but serves as a place to hold the joint from as well as keeps weed from sucking into your mouth. The best crutches start with a zig-zag fold that creates 4 or 5 ripples before getting rolled and placed on the end of the joint rolling paper. I start with the crutch on the right side and before I even place the weed into the crease, I mock roll the paper so that it can begin to form around the curve of the crutch. If you want a cone shape you simply tapper the crutch so the mock roll allows the wings of the paper to form a cone.
  3. Filling the paper: Once the paper is in hand with crutch in place you can pour your crumbled nuggies into the crease. With the left finger horizontally placed across the joint begin tamping the weed into the crease, rock the weed back and forth, be sure the paper tucks into the crutch on the first roll and roll.
  4. Rolling/Shaping: Roll back and forth forming the weed into the shape born of the width of the crutch. When comfortable with the shape, lick the glue and fold the joint shut.
  5. The Twist: After the joint is folded, then gently twist the paper closed on the crutch end and lightly pack down the weed to your prefered denseness completing the maneuver by twisting the top shut.

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