Cheese Please! Check out The Pizza Tours on Loopr

Stoners have certainly changed throughout the ages. What used to be classified by goof-balls like Cheech & Chong has morphed into professional athletes and businessmen. From flip-flops to hip-hop, all walks of life have embraced the plant and have helped shape the culture of cannabis consumption or what this blogger refers to as “getting high”. It’s called getting high because it heightens your senses and the taste buds and that’s what makes pizza so delicious!

Pizza is so versatile that even the most finicky eaters find a way to enjoy the deliciousness. From Kosher slices and vegan pies, to gluten free and paleo, nobody is excluded.

Want to know why? It’s because pizza is not only delicious and nutritious some people consider it a square meal and a complete diet! C’mon man, pizza burgers? There is no more romantic date then Netflix and pizza delivery.

Downtown Denver, like any other city in America, has a lot of pizza parlors. And, just like any other city, everyone has their favorite spot. You have your connoisseurs and your loyalists, not to mention lovers, haters and judges. Some people are crust fans and other need the cheese while for me, the sauce is boss!

From Sexy Pizza’s crispy crust to the alluring aroma of Fat Sully’s ginormous Harlemesque late night slices there is one 420 friendly way to see them all, aboard the Loopr mobile cannabis lounge as it seeks out the sauciest spots in town. Every Sunday, The Pizza Tours will launch an appetite spurning start at a choice dispensary and ride out to 2 pizza parlors to suss-out who’s got the best pie in town. What better way to get over those post NFL Sunday blues than to dive into a hot slice of Blue Pan Pizza on the Loopr?!

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