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Even before states began legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical use there were festivals catering to those who used. Many were born out of a grassroots effort to decriminalize or to outright legalize cannabis consumption. Now that many states have medical marijuana legalized and a few have legalized recreational use, these festivals have become must-attend events. Here are just a few events that should be on the bucket list of any marijuana supporter.

Seattle Hempfest

Hempfest is the world’s largest gathering advocating for the decriminalization of marijuana. From humble beginnings in 1991 with just 500 attendees, Hempfest has grown into a 3-day political rally, concert, and arts and craft fair that is held annually held at Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle, Washington. It is held on the third weekend of August each year. Past speakers have including Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Actor/Activist Woody Harrelson, and writer/TV host Rick Steves. Notable music acts have included Fishbone, Kottonmouth Kings, and Rehab. The event is free and boasts such sponsors as Weedmaps, High Times Magazine, Glowpipes, Green Baker, and CannaCon. It’s also a great opportunity for establishing business connections with other entrepreneurs for your marijuana business growth.

Hash Bash

If you live anywhere near Ann Arbor, Michigan and are looking to practice some civil disobedience to protest current marijuana statutes, then the Hash Bash is an event you should attend. Even if you do not live close to the event, it’s one of those that you should definitely check out. Held every first Saturday in April at high noon at the University of Michigan Diag, Hash Bash features speeches, live music, and street vending aimed at marijuana education and legalization. Held since 1972, Hash Bash was originally conceived to celebrate the declaring of a law used to convict activist John Sinclair of the possession of two marijuana joints as unconstitutional. Part of the festivities includes a Hash Bash Cup with the categories old-school hash, solvent, and solventless hash. Public consumption of cannabis might lead to an infraction costing a total of $55 – that’s a $30 fine and $25 in court costs payable to the city of Ann Arbor.

Official 420 Rally

Began by activist Ken Gorman over 20 years ago, the Official 420 Rally held annually in Denver seeks to educate people about and legalize medical cannabis nationwide. The event, which has boasted such acts in the past as Wyclef Jean, Wiz Khalifa, Lil’ Wayne, is held every year on April 20th. Vendor booths and food trucks will feed the need for merchandise from glass pipes, bongs and all sorts of vape mods to the cure for the munchies. Sponsors for past events included Red Bull, Weedmaps, Uber, and Dope Magazine. Unfortunately, due to this year’s event, the planners of the 420 Rally may be prohibited from applying for a permit for future rallies for the next three years. City officials cited noise and trash violations as to why they may be denied applying for a permit in the future.

420 Fashion Week

Marijuana is for more than just medicinal and recreational use in smoking, vaping, and cooking. Hemp fashion is all the rage among advocates and entrepreneurs alike. Promising to be unlike typical runway fashion shows, 420 Fashion Weeks promise an intimate encounter bringing together artists, business professionals, the stoner community, and of course, fashion. The Legal Stoner brand will be featured, along with up and coming models and local and national artists will help to celebrate “Hemp Life” through fashion, music, and culture. The event will be held in Portland, Oregon on October 24th and tickets will range from $18 – $77.

These are just a few of a multitude of must-attend events for the cannabis connoisseur. Start making your plans!


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