What To Do On 420 In Denver

Planning a 420 trip in 2018? Well, look no further than our fantastic guide to the quintessential 420 experience in Denver. They call this city the Mile High City and rightly so. April 20th is like Christmas in the world of cannabis because the bud is flowing and there is so much to do and celebrate here in the land of legal weed. Denver has everything you need to enjoy yourself and elevate responsibly. Here’s how to make the most of your 420 adventure:

Start the day with a Wake n Bake. Like any good cannabis user, on the highest of holidays, why not start early? The world-famous Loopr cannabis lounge will be kicking off the day with brunch and a Bud Crawl. Boarding the luxurious 420-friendly tour bus will transport you to another dimension in High society. Quell your early morning munchies with available snacks and enjoy a comfortable smoke as the bus makes its way to a dispensary. You’ll beat the crowds by shopping with Loopr and love the amazing deals as well. After your shopping excursion, hop back on the mobile lounge to enjoy the deluxe amenities and perhaps a try a dab or edible.

After getting properly baked aboard the Loopr lounge, they can drop you off at the 420 Rally, where the old hippies comes out and new stoners roll in and everyone enjoys the light of legal weed. The Rally normally takes place in front of the Capitol building near Civic Center Park, but a battle for permits is currently underway and has yet to be fully resolved. It’s likely to be a happening area regardless as it is right off of 16th Street Mall, another popular tourist destination ripe with dispensaries and plenty of places to take in the sights while catching some infused whiffs along the way.

Another great party will be the Ganja Goblet and Concentrate Cup. Details are still being worked out, with location to be determined and an expected pass price of $5-15 per person depending upon what musical acts sign on.

As the magic minute of 4:20pm on 4/20 approaches, make sure you are somewhere safe and sound to legally light up and enjoy the stoner moment of the year!

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