The Dos and Donts of Getting High with Loopr

While Denver may be the Amsterdam of modern-day cannabis culture, we still have our limits here in the Mile High. While you enjoy the many amazing offerings the city has, your friends at Loopr wanted to make sure you know how to play by the rules. So here’s a few Do’s and Dont’s while getting high in Denver.

  1. All cannabis consumers must be 21 or older. Much like the tasty local brews and spirits available in Colorado, everyone who is in possession of any cannabis products must be 21 or older.
  2. Don’t toke up in public. Finding yourself in the land of legal weed can be exciting, but take a minute to make sure you’re not breaking the law while breaking into those edibles right out of the dispensary. It is not legal to consume in public places in Denver, so keep your joints, vapes, and weed-infused goodies under wraps until you make it aboard our 420-friendly Loopr social lounge.
  3. Stay under the legal limit. There’s a limit to how much cannabis you can have on you, at one time in Colorado. So even if you shop around, make sure your total amount doesn’t exceed the legally allowed limit per adult or else you may face fines from local law enforcement. Each adult may only purchase up to 1 oz of flower, OR 8 grams or concentrate OR 80 x 10mg doses of edibles. If you don’t know, your bustender can help you with the math.
  4. Don’t get high behind the wheel. The only moving vehicle you need to be blazing aboard is the Loopr lounge as our drivers stay far away from the blaze. Under Colorado law, there are specific guidelines and regulations that must be met to spark up in a moving vehicle, and your rental car doesn’t exactly measure up! Stay safe and have fun by bringing your bud to the bus for stress-free cannabis consumption where we’ll make sure it’s easy as can be.
  5. Be cautious mixing Mary Jane with other substances. While no one has actually overdosed on weed, you can overconsume, which is just downright uncomfortable. This is especially problematic when mixing it with other things like alcohol or prescription medications, so please be mindful of how these substances might interact, and let someone know if you’re ever feeling under the weather.

Those are our five helpful Do’s and Don’ts of keeping your high intact and making sure everyone has a good time. Thanks for checking us out and make sure you join us at the Loopr Cannabis Lounge when you’re in town!

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